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Monday, 28 February 2011


We pay so much money for security to keep them out, why dont we just
pay them to fuck off?
it started as an unrecognizable whimper, but has now turned into an opera.
 the greatest punishment was just to face each day.
sometimes a poem is beautiful 
but sometimes 
its dead.
dont take this the wrong way, but i hate you,
and it happens in about the time my mind moves from neutral to numb

opening and closing
buying and selling
baby crickets, red juicy apples with salt.
he said that he understood that i loved so many, 
because i couldnt help loving everything,
though it had now made it impossible for him to love me.

the falls of zenith on a nelson friday
the stab of the knife you know and use everyday, does it hurt more?
you can learn alot about a nation by what they do to their natives.

so you, yes you, king fish swimming around in ya lil fuckin bowl
oh yes, ive been broke
(and cheap) but i know 
vanity awaits a cruel fate.
theres no watchdog so bark @ yourself
young girls and their diaries
lie asleep, 
surrounded by things that dont

violent and peaceful, we echo nature
sowing seeds outside ourselves
heaven worlds turn into cancerous growths
shiny soft vulvas of comfortable lives, 
bliss festers in cancers


the one minute movie about marshmallow mice.....
so what have you been feeding them lately? 
they just dont taste the same today'

I love this quote, i wish it was mine
'things without pretensions, satisfied to be merely themslves, 
sufficient in their suchness, 
not acting a part, not trying insanely 2 go it alone, 
in luciferian defiance of the grace of god.

Its the incompatibility between mans egotism, 
the divine humility of purity and 
mans self aggravated separateness 
to the infinity of god.'
(you can replace the word 'god' with whatever word makes you feel more comfortable...) 

oh nobly born let thy mind not be distracted.

Which leads me to believe that sin is not your master, and you shouldnt let your faith rest on the persuasiveness of humans...

and true, look how fickle i am ,
pointing my fickle finger @ you
its holy and its hunting
sometimes i get lost when i turn around
This firecracker mouth.

Your material things are temporary 
and they will be pryed from your tightly clenched fists
and jesus/mohammed/yahweh is the ultimate dangling carrot
deny the endowment of the parent or remain a slave to fear
there is no turning back from here
90% survival + 10% paranoia

be fickle be formless be forever be formidable
the fearless the fortunate the fumbling the fervent and the friendless
the fuel in you feeds the fire in me

the untruth and the bed a source of constant inspiration.
lurking relentless, 
fates unfortunate foes, 
be with me
no one has to know
miss conceal miss conduct miss cellaneous
miss ogeny miss construe miss guide miss read miss out
miss spentyouth miss chevious miss ile to boot

we have to change with the times 
but we must never change our hearts
all i feel is a little lightheadedness and lot of empty pocketedness